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Hubner Berlin AHE7.5

Compact Incremental Encoders (Digital-Tachos) in die-cast aluminum housing with a hollow shaft or flange mount for monitoring speed or position in drive systems, especially for AC motors

  • 60 to 10,000 ppr
  • 120kHz switching  frequency
  • supply voltages:  +9…+26V, HTL  +5V, TTL

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The compact hollow-shaft incremental encoder in rugged all-metal die-cast housing with a hollow shaft for monitoring speed or position in drive systems, especially for AC motors

HÜBNER / SIEI America Incremental Encoders (Digital- Tachos) have over the years become standard in many areas of the industry due to their rugged construction adapted to the application

(Heavy Duty Technology):

  • Sensing by opto-ASIC, compensated for temperature and aging
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) according to IEC 801-4
  • High vibration and shock resistance meeting IEC 60068-2-6 and IEC 60068-2-27
  • 2 years warranty within the conditions of the German Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (ZVEI)
  • ISO 9001 certified

Important Notes from Hubner Berlin:

  • The Incremental encoder AHE 7,5 is a opto-electronic precision speed measurement device which must be handled with care by skilled personnel during transportation, mounting and operation.
  • Hollow shaft must be installed to the motor shaft without pressure to avoid a damage of the ball bearings.
  • The device is manufactured according to quality standard DIN ISO 9001, EU Declaration of Conformity meeting Council Directive 89/336/EEC art. 10 and annex 1 (EMC Directive).
  • Do not connect outputs to supply voltage:
    !!! Danger of Damage !!!
    Please, pay attention to possible voltage drop in long cable leads (input and output).
  • Shielded cables should be used with twisted lead pairs. If possible, they should be placed uninterrupted and seperately, but at a clear distance from the motor cables. Normally the cable shield is connected to a large surface on the housing via a cable screw or an earth clamp. Cable terminating resistance 120 Ω for TTL and sinewave.
  • The expected operating life of the devices is governed by the ball bearings, which are manufactured with a permanent lubrication to give approx. 20,000 operating hours (≥ 109 revolutions).