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Hubner Berlin APY & FAPY

HÜBNER, Europe’s leading technological manufacturer of tachometers, presents the LongLife Technology, resulting in the best tachometers available in the world. A patented design and process imbeds a silver track in the commutator. The result is high precision output, low ripple and a brush/commutator life that exceeds that of the precision ball-bearings (109 revolutions)

HÜBNER / SIEI America Incremental Encoders (Digital-Tachos) have over the years become standard in many areas of industry due to their rugged construction adapted to the application.

LongLife DC Tachometers in industrial NEMA 12 housings are available with flange or foot mount for direct replacement of “PY” or “BC” style tachometers. These tachometers are CSA / NRTL / C approved. 50 or 100 V DC / krpm outputs are available with regulation of 1 % or .1 % for precise speed control in all applications.