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Thank you for your interest in BlackStar Automation, Inc. We specialize in developing and commissioning custom engineered industrial control systems, utilizing AC and DC drives, PLCs, industrial PCs, and operator interface systems. We also provide a full range of electrical and mechanical CAD services.

BlackStar Automation is an industrial services company dedicated to providing the highest quality engineering, programming, and on-site service in the automation industry.

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WTI Non-Stop Rewind, Model NSR 50/27.5/1200 
(50” Max Diameter/27.5” Max Web Width/ 1200 Max FPM)

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Experience totally reliable splicing up to rated speed. The WTI Non-Stop Rewind allows full production speed to be maintained during the cutoff core transfer sequence. Keep production going while you switch out the material roll! We’ve completely verified and tested this product and it’s ready to go.