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Hubner Berlin TDP0.2 + OG9

Combination of Analog-Tacho / Twin Tacho with Incremental Encoder (Digital-Tacho) or Speed Switch (mechanical / electronic) for drive technology.

The LongLife DC tachogenerator TDP 0,2 LT / LongLife twin DC tachogenerator TDPZ 0,2 LT is also available in combination with the incremental encoder (Digital-Tacho) OG 9 or the mechanical centrifugal switch FSL or the electronic speed switch ESL in one device with common shaft.

  • Encoder: 500/1000ppr
  • Tach: 20-60V/1000rpm
  • Euro Flange Mount

Click here for the TDP0.2 + 0G9 Spec Sheet 

These combinations supply analogue signals in real time forspeed and incremental signals for position or carry out a switching operation at a preset speed limit. The incremental disk of the encoder or the rotor of the centrifugal / speed switch is directly mounted on the rear shaft of the tachogenerator.

The devices are maintenance-free during the life expectancy of the ball bearings (≥ 109 revolutions).